The Memorandum of Understanding  and Mutual Support between the Office of the Pohnpei State Public Auditor, Pohnpei State Department of Public Safety and the Office of Pohnpei State Attorney General. This is basically to strengthen collaboration and assistance in fighting financial crime in the Pohnpei State Government.

The office of the Pohnpei State Public Auditor (OPA), Department of Public Safety and Office of the Attorney General (OAG) signed and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen and work collaboratively and mutually when it comes to financial fraud crimes involving Pohnpei State government funds and resources. The Office of the Pohnpei State Public Auditor's Compliance Investigation Division receives allegations of fraud, waste and mismanagement where they conduct a preliminary inquiry to determine whether or not there is reasonable cause to work with Department of Public Safety and refer the matter to the Office of Attorney General for joint investigation and prosecution.

Pursuant to the MOU, all parties agree to work together to investigate and prosecute financial crimes. The MOU is a commitment between the parties in their efforts to fight fraud and corruption in the Pohnpei State Government. 

Signed MOU




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